Awards and Recognition

To recognize both individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the field of alcoholism and drug addiction both locally and on a national level, the NCADD established five awards: 



 The NCADD Marty Mann Founder’s Award was established to honor individuals of national prominence in the field of alcoholism and other drug problems whose life work strongly reflects the energy, dedication and focus exemplified by NCADD's founder, Mrs. Marty Mann. The award recognizes at least ten years of exceptional contributions to public and professional education about alcoholism and other drug problems as treatable and preventable conditions and as major public health concerns. This award honors life achievement.



 The Adele C. Smithers Humanitarian Award was established to honor major national figures for a contribution to the field of alcoholism on a national level who have furthered the cause and mission of NCADD through major contribution of national magnitude. The award expresses NCADD's appreciation to public figures it wishes to honor in some public way.



The NCADD Gold Key Award was established to honor individuals who have made outstand­ing contribu­tions to the field of alcoholism on a national level. Although such contribution may have been of brief duration, it will have been highly visible and improved national recognition of alcoholism and other drug problems and furthered general understanding that these are treatable and preventable conditions.



The NCADD Silver Key Award was established to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the work of NCADD or in support of NCADD's mission and programs at a national level. Candidates include spokespersons or sponsors of major NCADD campaigns; long-time members of the NCADD Board whose contributions are deemed to be extraordinary; heads of organizations with outstanding alcoholism and drug abuse programs, such as employee assistance programs; and physicians, researchers or others whose work has significantly enhanced NCADD efforts.



The NCADD Bronze Key is a national recognition award granted by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence for Affiliate presentation to an individual or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the field and the Affiliate. It is the highest local award presented by Affiliates. The Award is a "bronze" key mounted on wood with a plate engraved with the NCADD name and logo and space provided for engraving by the Affiliate with its name, the name of the recipient and date of presentation.

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