Trilogy Recovery Community

Trilogy Recovery Community is a grassroots collaboration of parents, youth, concerned citizens and community leaders who believe that all children deserve to live in a drug-free community.  The name “Trilogy” emphasizes the critical importance of Youth, Families, and Community working together to help young people remain drug free.


Our Mission
To help young people stay clean and sober.

Our Vision
All children live and thrive in a drug-free community.


Trilogy Recovery Community

Trilogy Recovery Community


Youth Programs
* Youth Support Groups
* Juvenile Justice Center Detention Groups
* Seeking Safety Group with Pathways Back
* CASA Group (7-12 years)
* Just for Today Group (for youth adults 18 and over)
* Walla Walla High School Educational/Support Group
* Activities & Special events
* Support
* Information and Referrals

Family Programs
* Family Support Groups
* CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach & Family Training) groups
* Educational Handouts
* Lending Library
* Information and Referral
* Compassion, Empathy, Support – "we walk in your shoes"