Cook Inlet Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The Cook Inlet Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program (CICADA) provides comprehensive support for individuals who want to reduce their chemical dependency and regain control over their lives.  

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Cook Inlet Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (CICADA) is to treat alcohol and drug addiction on the Kenai Peninsula, employing prevention strategies, clinically proficient treatment, family intervention, and referral services. 


Alcohol and drug abuse is regarded as a top priority health issue in our nation and central to social problems in the State of Alaska.  The singular philosophy of CICADA is that chemical dependency is a treatable disease.

Treatment Goals

  1. CICADA will assist each person served to identify his/her own issues and treatment needs. 
  2. CICADA will empower each person served to seek effective solutions based on the understanding of his/her own situation. 
  3. CICADA will provide a variety of treatment options tailored to meet the diversity of needs identified in our communities. 


Cook Inlet Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
10200 Kenai Spur Highway
Kenai, AK.



CICADA treatment centers provide ongoing outpatient care:  special groups and programs for adolescents, persons with co-occuring mental and substance abuse disorders, men, women, and teens, as well as, criminal justice groups.  Special language services provided include assistance for hearing impaired.  Payments via medicaid and private insurance are accepted. 

Outpatient Program

CICADA’s integrative Intensive Outpatient Programs for men and women:  Sessions include educational topics on Addiction, Recovery and Relapse Prevention, group process, as well as individualized attention to your needs.  


Dear Friend of NCADD ...
It takes courage, determination and strength to avoid alcohol and drugs or to seek help and overcome addiction. We want to do everything in our power to provide the tools and support to help those on this journey. Without question, this is the most important journey of their lives and your support makes a huge difference in its outcome!
On behalf of all those on the journey to recovery, and of all those waiting to start that journey, we thank you.
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