O'Brien House

Our History...Saving Lives and Families from alcoholism and drug addiction

O'Brien House, Incorporated, was established August 19, 1971 to serve adult recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. The center was named for Paul S. “Pat” O’Brien, who spent 53 years of his life working with alcoholics and educating the public about the disease of alcoholism. It is a non profit organization to help the chemically addicted person arrest his or her addiction and return to the community as a productive person. Finding our clients employment is one of the elements of our recovery approach.

Clients are admitted to the O'Brien House by referral. The O'Brien House presently can accommodate 70 clients in a homelike atmosphere.

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Our mission is to save lives and families from alcoholism and drug abuse through residential treatment and community outreach.


The services of O’Brien House have evolved into a more comprehensive continuum of care that includes treatment, prevention and community development initiatives. Today, we have 70 beds for residential treatment. We partner with other service providers to offer our clients a variety of services including parenting classes, grief counseling, spirituality support, recreational therapy, HIV /STD testing and prevention classes, and educational services.


O'Brien House

O'Brien House


Baton Rouge, LA.


Our programs include:

  • Outpatient (OP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Adult Substance Education Program (DWI Pre Trial Intervention Program)
  • Veteran’s Program (Support Groups)

These programs and services allow our clients to stabilize their lives, focus on recovery and prepare for a new life after they leave O’Brien House.


Dear Friend of NCADD ...
It takes courage, determination and strength to avoid alcohol and drugs or to seek help and overcome addiction. We want to do everything in our power to provide the tools and support to help those on this journey. Without question, this is the most important journey of their lives and your support makes a huge difference in its outcome!
On behalf of all those on the journey to recovery, and of all those waiting to start that journey, we thank you.
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