NCADD - San Diego

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence – San Diego (NCADD-SD) is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of California.   NCADD-SD is organized for the purpose of providing a community resource dedicated to intervention of alcoholism, drug addiction and the devastating consequences of alcohol and other drugs on individuals, families and communities.  

NCADD-SD is currently an all volunteer organization, having no paid staff.

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NCADD-SD, a community-focused resource, will fulfill its mission by providing alcohol and drug prevention training in schools, community centers, and hospitals.  In other words, NCADD-SD teaches about alcohol and drug dependency wherever the community is gathered.  



NCADD - San Diego

NCADD - San Diego


San Marcos, CA.


DUI Classes

Within the community, NCADD-SD provides Driving Under the Influence (DUI) classes, which are a court-ordered form of alcohol and drug awareness classes. 

Licensed Therapist Counseling

As an adjunct to NCADD-SD’s services, licensed therapist counseling sessions are offered. 

Program Collaboration

NCADD-SD partners with other like-minded organizations, such as Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), Hazelden, and Faces & Voices of Recovery.  


Dear Friend of NCADD ...
It takes courage, determination and strength to avoid alcohol and drugs or to seek help and overcome addiction. We want to do everything in our power to provide the tools and support to help those on this journey. Without question, this is the most important journey of their lives and your support makes a huge difference in its outcome!
On behalf of all those on the journey to recovery, and of all those waiting to start that journey, we thank you.
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