Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia

The Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia (SAARA) is a community-based grassroots membership organization of individuals in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, their families, friends and committed community supporters.  


Our Mission
SAARA's mission is to celebrate, support and advocate for resources and services for the prevention of and recovery from substance abuse and addiction. SAARA promotes social, educational, legal, research and health care resources and services that support accessible, effective and accountable addictions: prevention, intervention, treatment and Recovery.

Our Vision

* SAARA will be a clearing house for substance use disorder service resources.
* We will increase our visibility and become the Recovery subject matter expert for the Commonwealth.
* We will seek opportunities to carry the message of Recovery as the solution on a local and State level, advocating to increase resources and reduce stigma.
* Expanding Recovery Support Services will be a priority.
* We will increase membership and partnerships to include youth, family members, impaired professionals, businesses, concerned citizens, faith based organizations, etc.
* SAARA wwill remain fiscally sound and diversify its funding base through grants, corporate support and fund raising.


Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia

Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia
2000 Mecklenburg Street
Richmond, VA.

Dear Friend of NCADD ...
It takes courage, determination and strength to avoid alcohol and drugs or to seek help and overcome addiction. We want to do everything in our power to provide the tools and support to help those on this journey. Without question, this is the most important journey of their lives and your support makes a huge difference in its outcome!
On behalf of all those on the journey to recovery, and of all those waiting to start that journey, we thank you.
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