Mixing of Opioids and Alcohol Make for a Dangerous Cocktail

Published 02-20-2017

A new study warns that drinking alcohol while taking powerful opioid painkillers can trigger a potentially deadly respiratory problem, particularly in seniors. In the study, report on by HeathDay, the researchers assessed how mixing the opioid painkiller oxycodone and alcohol affected 12 younger volunteers, aged 21 to 28, and 12 older volunteers, aged 66 to 77.  The study authors reported that taking just one oxycodone tablet with a modest amount of alcohol increased the risk of respiratory depression. The older volunteers were more likely than the younger ones to have repeated episodes where they temporarily stopped breathing. The study was published online Feb. 7...

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ADHD—Focus on Adults

Published 01-05-2017

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition characterized by inattention, disorganization, and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that consistently disrupt a person’s activities and relationships. According to DSM-5 (p 32), “Inattention and disorganization entail inabil­ity to stay on task, seeming not to listen, and losing materials, at levels that are inconsistent with age or developmental level. Hyperactivity-impulsivity entails overactivity, fidgeting, in­ability to stay seated, intruding into other people's activities, and inability to wait—symptoms that are excessive for age or developmental level.” This conception of ADHD is relatively new, although literature of the past 200 years depicts individuals who might meet current criteria for ADHD...

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SPOTLIGHT: Camden County (NJ) Affiliate’s Parenting Programs

Published 01-25-2017

The Camden County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Inc. (CCCADA) offers several programs designed to help parents guide their children through changes in development. Here are some of those programs. 1, 2, 3, 4 Parents!This program, written by national parenting experts, teaches about children’s stages of development and how parents can help them through those changes. The course covers: Discipline methods that work; How to prevent problems such as tantrums; Ways to build a loving bond with your child; The best ways to childproof your home; How to care for your child at different ages and stages; Great ways to care for yourself. The program consists of...

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Burke Recovery - Affiliate of the Month - February 2017

Mission: The mission of Burke Recovery is "to work collaboratively with community partners to provide education/prevention, treatment and recovery support services to all citizens of Burke County regardless of their ability to pay."The council is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteers concerned about Burke County. We are a private, non-profit organization. The Council believes addiction to alcohol and or other substances is a chronic disease. We focus our efforts on education, prevention, treatment and recovery support services.Burke Recovery promotes public understanding and awareness that the alcoholic or chemically addicted person can be helped. We are committed to the...

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