SPOTLIGHT: Tupelo, MS NCADD Affiliate Offers Programs for Teens

Teen Girls walkingThe National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of Northeast Mississippi, in Tupelo, offers two programs for at-risk teens.Both programs provide sessions consisting of 90 minute instructional classes, once a week for 10 weeks.  Any Northeast Mississippi teen between the ages of 13 and 18, who is identified at potential risk for developing alcohol and drug related problems, is eligible.


Each session is structured not only to present interesting alcohol and drug prevention information, but also to encourage discussion and interaction of students in a safe non-threatening environment. Such interaction assists teens in the development of decision-making skills, refusal skills and self-esteem and provides experience in positive goal setting.


The first program, "Teen Addiction Awareness Program" (TAAP), covers the following topics:

  1. Alcohol Use and the Body
  2. Alcohol Misuse and Abuse
  3. Addictive Disease Process
  4. Addiction and Families
  5. Cocaine and Stimulants
  6. Tobacco
  7. Marijuana
  8. Inhalants
  9. Legal Consequences of Illegal Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  10. Peer Relationships and Responsibilities

The second program, "Project Toward No Drug Abuse" (TND), covers the following topics:

  1. Active Listening
  2. Stereotyping
  3. Myths and Denials
  4. Chemical Dependency
  5. Talk Show
  6. Marijuana Panel
  7. Tobacco, Basketball and Use Cessation
  8. Stress, Health and Goals
  9. Self Control
  10. Positive and Negative Thought and Behavior Loops
  11. Perspectives
  12. Decision Making and Commitment

The classes are free and are completely confidential. New classes start every few weeks and are held at the Council offices in Tupelo as well as in the neighboring county.

The program is funded through a grant from the Mississippi Alliance for Prevention and the Mississippi Department of Mental Health.

As noted above, the programs are designed for any teenager who may be "at risk" for developing drug and/or alcohol related problems or for any teen who could benefit from a structured, one-on-one education program dealing with every aspect of substance use and abuse.

NCADD of Northeast Mississippi's mission is to increase awareness of the prevalence and destructive nature of alcoholism and related addiction, and to offer information and referral services to the addicted, their families and others seeking help.

For more information about both of the prevention programs and the Council:

Dody Vail
Executive Director and Project Director &Instructor

Tommye Cooper,
Project Coordinator & Senior Instructor

NCADD of Northeast Mississippi
200 North Spring Street
Tupelo, MS 38804







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