Drug & Alcohol Awareness Seminar: Wine for your Health: Truth and Myth

justin-behavioral-health-saOn Wednesday, August 19, Cigna Behavioral Health presented a seminar on "Wine for your Health: Truth and Myth," as part of its Drug & Alcohol Awareness Seminar Series. 

To hear a free replay of the seminar, please visit Cigna.com/substanceabuse.

The speakers included Julie Dostal, Executive Director of the LEAF Council in Oneonta, NY (and NCADD Board Member and President of the Professional Association of Council Executives), and Bob Pezzolesi, Founding Director of the New York Alcohol Policy Alliance.

NCADD worked with Cigna in setting the topic and putting the seminar together.

Cigna Behavioral Health Education Series

TOPIC: Wine for your Health: Truth and Myth
There's a great deal in the news about the benefits of drinking wine in moderation. The seminar offers the latest information on impacts of wine as it relates to cancer and cardiac health.  The benefits and the risks of drinking wine are weighed and some concrete suggestions for making better overall health decisions are offered.




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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

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