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Time for Action to Restrict Alcohol Marketing in Order to Protect Young People

Time for Action to Restrict Alcohol Marketing in Order to Protect Young People
Based on the findings of research featured in a special issue of the respected journal Addiction released January 10, 2017, experts in public health research, policy, and community mobilization are calling for greater restrictions on youth exposure to alcohol marketing similar to the “legally binding global health treaties and non-binding codes [that] have been developed to restrict the marketing of tobacco, breast milk substitutes and unhealthy foods, based on evidence of a public health crisis.” The issue features an analysis and first-ever review of a dozen research papers by an impressive roster of global public health experts. The key findings in the research and review include: There’s strong evidence that exposure to alcohol marketing leads to early drinking by youth. The more alcohol marketing messages that young people see – including those in social media - the more likely that they will begin drinking and will drink hazardously through binge...
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