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If You Drink Too Much, Learn How to Treat That Hangover

If You Drink Too Much, Learn How to Treat That Hangover
There is a common denominator to what too many people are doing this time of the year – drink too much. We know it’s “that time of the year”, what with parties with open bars, dinners with family and friends where wine is continuously flowing, and fun-filled nights out with friends. We all wish we could drink to our heart’s content without any consequences, but that’s just not the way it works. A recent article in Metro International magazine pointed to something Dr. George F. Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recently said: “There’s no free ride in the brain; if something makes you feel good, it’s going to make you feel lousy later when it wears off.” Koob’s general advice: moderation, pacing yourself and knowing your limits. The article goes on to provide some practical tips to manage those times when you forget...
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