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Price of Naloxone Device Soars as Demand Increases

Price of Naloxone Device Soars as Demand Increases
The price of Evzio, a device that delivers the opioid overdose antidote naloxone, has soared from $690 in 2014 to $4,500 today for a twin-pack, Scientific American reports. Evzio talks people through the process of using the device as they inject naloxone. Evzio, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2014, accounted for almost 20 percent of the naloxone dispensed through retail outlets between 2015 and 2016. “There’s absolutely nothing that warrants them charging what they’re charging,” said Leo Beletsky, Associate Professor of Law and Health Sciences at Northeastern University in Boston. Kaleo, the company that makes Evzio, has donated more than 180,000 devices to cities, first responders and drug treatment programs. Last year, Kaleo’s donation supply ran out by July. Although the company is donating more injectors this year, the free device program could run out of supplies even sooner if the current demand continues, the...
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