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SPOTLIGHT: Rockaway, NJ Affiliate’s Children’s Programs

SPOTLIGHT: Rockaway, NJ Affiliate’s Children’s Programs
Prevention is Key, the Rockaway, NJ Affiliate, offers three prevention programs aimed at children. Forest Friends is a developmental puppet program designed to help children learn basic life skills and character enhancement that they will use their entire life. Each session includes a story portrayed by animal puppets, a discussion and an activity to reinforce the lesson conveyed by the story. There are six 15-20 minute stories; two are presented at each session over a three week period. The stories build off one another so that each presentation teaches a lesson while reinforcing previous lessons. All eyes are locked on the lovable puppets that take center stage. The children can identify with the realistic situations the puppets encounter and learn how to emotionally deal with similar situations in their own life. Goals of the program include: • Reaching children while their health-related attitude and beliefs are in the formative stage....
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