GABA-b agonist baclofen

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Study Suggests Prescribing Of Baclofen for Alcohol Dependence "Should Be Reconsidered"

Study Suggests Prescribing Of Baclofen for Alcohol Dependence "Should Be Reconsidered"
A new trial at the University of Amsterdam found no evidence for the usefulness of high-dose baclofen in treating alcoholism when added to psychosocial treatments. Recently, the drug received high visibility as a possible breakthrough treatment for alcohol dependence. Recent trials have suggested high doses of the GABA-b agonist baclofen can be effective in the treatment of alcohol dependent patients. A recent article Medical News Today noted that recent studie, coupled with individual patient testimonies, have given baclofen a high public profile, prompting the French authorities in 2014 to give permission to physicians to prescribe high doses baclofen for alcohol-dependent patients, pending results from ongoing randomized clinical trials. Even before that permission, more than 200,000 persons had used baclofen "off label" in France alone. Baclofen is licenced for use as a skeletal muscle relaxant for spasms (spasticity). Now researchers from the Netherlands have carried out the largest randomised controlled trial...
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alcohol dependence GABA-b agonist baclofen
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