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Alcohol Bans and Sexual Assault

Alcohol Bans and Sexual Assault
Stanford University recently announced a new school policy banning large containers of hard alcohol from undergraduate housing and events. Specifically, the new policy bans containers 750 mL and larger of distilled liquor, spirits and hard alcohol -- a standard-size bottle of vodka or whiskey -- for all undergraduates on campus, including students who are over 21. The new policy was announced in Inside Higher Ed . In a statement, Stanford noted that “policy is aimed at reducing the availability and accessibility of hard alcohol and the high-risk behaviors that can accompany heavy drinking, including those that might lead to sexual assault.” According to reports, victims’ advocates argue that the policy -- which comes after the university was the site of a high-profile rape case in which alcohol was consumed -- puts the onus on victims to avoid drinking rather than on would-be attackers to not assault. According to a 2001...
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