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Conference of Affiliates

Each year, NCADD’s Network of Affiliates meets to discuss critical issues within the alcoholism and addictions field and to deliberate on matters of importance to the organization as a whole. With representation from the boards and staffs of NCADD’s broad Affiliate Network, as well as members of the board and staff of the national office, the Conference offers NCADD Affiliates and others a chance to meet for three days of training, networking and socializing. A Conference Planning Committee, composed of Affiliate Executive Directors who are members of the Professional Association of Council Executives (PACE), sets the Conference theme and plans the program. For the past decade, it has been tradition that every other year the Conference is held in the Washington, DC-area with a public policy/advocacy focus. At those Conferences, visits are made to congressional representatives and speakers are drawn from government agencies.

2016 – Arlington, VA:

"Addiction Care Comes of Age:  A Place in the Public Health Discourse” was the theme for the 2016 Conference of Affiliates, which was held near the Nation’s Capitol and had a strong public policy/advocacy component.  Day One’s opening Keynote address was given by Frances Harding, Director of SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.  She highlighted the results of the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, spoke of the need to keep a focus on prevention, expanding efforts to emerging issues such as marijuana, heroin and other drug use, covered the prevention aspects of the Affordable Care Act and described two new SAMHSA funding initiatives.

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2015 - Dallas, Texas:


"Hope, Help and Healing: Enduring Concepts for a Changing World," was the theme for the 2015 Conference of Affiliates, which was unexpectedly postponed from its originally scheduled date in 2014. Held in Dallas, Texas, the Conference kicked off with a Keynote address by SAMHSA Administrator, Pamela S. Hyde, JD. Ms. Hyde spoke about the prevalence of substance use including alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs; provided information on the administration's fiscal year 2016 budget request, and reported on some key federal initiatives including those on prescription drug abuse, opioid overdose and preventing underage drinking. 

In Conference presentations, a number of Affiliate Executive Directors covered a wide range of organizational issues, including fundraising, finance, and dealing with insurance and managed care companies. A session on "Brief Prevention Interventions" was offered, and NCADD Webmaster, Stephen Wilcox, PhD, spoke on "How to Manage Your Website." Diane Riibe, Chair of the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, presented on "Alcohol Policy: Prevention, Treatment, Recovery."

Two 2015 Prevention & Education Awards were presented at the Awards Luncheon where Executive Service Awards were also presented for length of service.

2013 - Arlington, Virginia:

Washington DCHeld in October, the 2013 Conference had a strong public policy and advocacy component, including an event on Capitol Hill.

The Conference opened with a keynote address by Eric Goplerud, PhD, Senior Vice President of NORC’s Department of Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Criminal Justice Studies. Attendees also heard a series of presentations regarding public health policy and participated in a panel discussion titled “Affiliates as First Responders in Health Care Reform.”

A major component of the Conference included a visit to Capitol Hill where participants made visits to members of their congressional delegations. The Conference also showcased the Affiliate Prevention & Education Award-winning program “We’re Not Buying It” from NCADD of Middlesex County, in East Brunswick, NJ.

2012 - New Orleans, Louisiana:

“One Message: One Voice” was the Conference theme in 2012, a working Conference to develop key organizational messages, obtain advocacy skills, and plan next steps forreconvening in the Washington, DC area the following year.

In the first workgroup session, the key message “NCADD: ProvidingSolutions to America’s #1 Health Problem” was developed and discussed, with further focus on topics related to prevention, treatment and recovery. An advocacy training was lead by NCADD-New Jersey’sAaron Kucharski, followed by a session in which participants focused on an plans for the 2013 Conference of Affiliates in the Washington, DC-area.

The Conference also showcased programs and services provided by NCADD’s Louisiana Affiliates, as well as presentations on the two 2012 Prevention & Education award-winning programs: Gardena, CA’s “Medicine Education Program” and St. Louis, MO’s “TryPOD (Try Putting Off Drinking)” program.

2011 - Washington, DC:

Affiliates joined together in Washington, DC in 2011 and heard speakers on a wide range of topics, such as the Use of Social Media for Marketing and Prevention, Collaboration Between NCADD and American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Chapters, and Whether to In-Source or Out-Source. The Conference also included a multi-media presentation on the disease of addiction by Kevin McCauley, MD.

The purpose of the conference was to discuss the many useful – but under- used – technologies that can be employed in prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery support. As part of the Conference, all participants attended the Recovery Month Kickoff Luncheon which NCADD hosted.


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