NCADD Greater Detroit Area

At NCADD-GDA we believe in the power of recovery to transform lives and change our world. 

Today, thanks to decades of NCADD educational and public awareness campaigns along with the work of many other organizations, more than 80 percent of Americans know that alcoholism is a Disease and are far more open about acknowledging the destructive effect of alcohol and other drugs. 

We are committed to improving community health and reflect the diversity of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.  As part of the national NCADD affiliate network, we advocate prevention, intervention and treatment and are dedicated to improving the quality of life by providing education, information , help and hope to the public. NCADD-Greater Detroit Area is a voluntary, non-profit agency committed to improving community health through providing substance abuse prevention, education, training, treatment, and advocacy for the Metropolitan Detroit Area.  

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Our Mission

Our mission is to raise public awareness of alcoholism and drug dependence issues across the state, while working to ensure those affected by the disease of addiction have the resources necessary when accessing treatment and sustaining recovery. 

Our Goals

  • To provide quality addiction treatment, prevention education and recovery services. 
  • To advocate for proper education prevention and addiction treatment services. 
  • To reduce the stigma and discrimination of the disease of addiction. 
  • Foster a safe and healthy recovery community  


Vantage Point Addiction Treatment Clinics

The NCADD Vantage Point addiction treatment clinics are the premier health facilities for individuals seeking treatment for addiction.  Our staff of specialists’ are trained in the most up to date alcohol and drug treatment methods for men, women and children afflicted with substance use disorder. Therapists are trained not only to treat the underlying disorder, but to help the individual cope with the dependency that has caused family conflict.


NCADD Greater Detroit Area

NCADD Greater Detroit Area


Juvenile Diversion Program

Designed in collaboration with the Juvenile Justice system this unique program provides treatment for a child (12 – 17), who has been in trouble with the law due to alcohol and or other drug use. 

The Assist Program

ASSIST is a specialized prevention program targeting African American males, ages 12 – 17, who reside in supportive living settings (i.e. group homes, placement centers, delinquency programs, etc.).  The program provides instructive information on the damaging effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs while teaching decision making skills, social skills, and the importance of building a positive self image. 


Alcohol Highway Safety Program

The Alcohol Highway Safety Education Program serves people who have been arrested for drinking and driving offenses (OUIL and OWI) and offers two program levels. 

Drug Education Courses

The Drug Education Class is similar to the Alcohol Highway Safety Education Program, but focuses on other drugs as opposed to alcohol.  It is for individuals who have been arrested for drug related charges and is conducted twice a month. 

The First Connection Program

This comprehensive outreach parent and child education program is designed to empower parents as the primary alcohol and drug prevention specialists.  Using a Best Practices model “First Connection” curriculum, it focuses on starting dialog between mothers and daughters.  Mothers and daughters are provided with skill-building information at individual levels of experience and understanding and lessons are supplemented with group discussion, role play, behavioral rehearsal, trust exercises and visual aids. 


Facing Addiction and The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) are proud to announce the merger of our organizations – creating a national leader in turning the tide on the addiction epidemic.
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