SPOTLIGHT: LEAF Executive Director Julie Dostal Selected as Citizen of the Year in Oneonta.

SPOTLIGHT: LEAF Executive Director Julie Dostal Selected as Citizen of the Year in Oneonta.

Julie Dostal is Executive Director of the LEAF Council on Alcoholism and Addictions. LEAF, based in Oneonta, New York, is dedicated to helping create a community where children and adults can live in healthy environments that are free from the effects of alcoholism and other addictive diseases.

Earlier in January, Julie was named as one of four 2015 Citizens of the Year for “Fighting the Scourge”. Julie and the other honorees were recognized for fighting a heroin epidemic that had ravaged Oneonta County.

According to the HOMETOWN ONEONTA & The Otsego-Delaware Dispatch newspapers Julie “is marshalling forces on many fronts, from promoting life-saving NARCAN kits, to getting the word out on the fatal “DEISEL” brand that struck last January, to full involvement in the Opioid Task Force, and much more.”

Though LEAF (Leatherstocking Education on Alcoholism/Addictions Foundation) the opiate crisis changed the focus of her prevention agency. In the article announcing the award, Julie is quoted as saying “By the time we realized this was a crisis, we were losing people,” she said. “My job was to stop behavior before it started, but now my job is not just about addiction prevention – it’s death prevention.”

The article goes on to note that Julie joined the Opiate Task Force and ran NARCAN workshops to teach people how to use the life-saving kit. She held screenings and discussions of the documentary “The Hungry Heart.”

The Macon, Georgia native is very familiar with addictions. She has been sober for 23 years and knows how hard the fight is. Her professional career started as a music teacher. She eventually returned to school in the early days of her recovery, and got her Masters in Counseling and human services, as well as PhD in psychology.

In addition to holding the Executive Director position at LEAF, Julie is also a member of the Opiate Task Force, President of the Professional Association of Council Executives, and a board member of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD)

Julie Dostal, PhD, LMHC, CPP
Executive Director
LEAF Council on Alcoholism and Addictions
607-432-0090 Extension 101
80 Water Street Oneonta , NY 13820



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