SPOTLIGHT: Phoenix‘s “Healthy Connections for Moms to Be”

Pregnant2Providing Case Management, Outreach & Service Referrals for Pregnant Women.

NCADD Phoenix offers "Healthy Connections for Moms-to-Be," a Case Management Program that provides pregnant women experiencing substance use and co-occurring disorders access to a comprehensive continuum of services designed to promote recovery.

This program fully integrates women into society as healthy, substance-free individuals who are able to care for their children.

It includes a continuum of services that offers engagement and support to help women to maintain long-term sobriety while managing parenthood and life in the community. Among the services are Intake and assessment, medication assessment and monitoring, outreach and engagement, case management, peer support, referral and coordination of care with obstetrician, and referral and service collaboration. The latter includes detoxification facilities, outpatient and residential treatment facilities, child and family service providers, community based support providers and medical providers.

Other services provided are parenting, child development and life skills training; skills training for co-occurring substance and mental health issues; family recovery education; rehabilitation counseling including which covers educational preparation and support, pre-job training and development, job coaching and employment support. Community-based (in home) service and transportation are also part of the spectrum of services.

Healthy Connections Program uses a strengths based case management approach to help pregnant women achieve the following goals: healthy pregnancy, healthy baby; recovery from addiction; obtain and maintain safe, permanent housing; attain financial self-empowerment; learn skills and supports needed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for child/children; adopt relationship skills based on respect, and recovery based community support.

Pregnant women 18 years or over that have current or recurring substance use issues are eligible for admission to the NCADD Healthy Connections Program. There is "no wrong door" to accessing the NCADD Healthy Connections Program. A woman may self-refer, be referred by friends, family, physician, domestic violence shelter, state agency or any other source. Women may continue receiving services post-partum based on individual need.

Legacy House
Legacy house is an emergency housing program for pregnant women experiencing substance use disorders that seeks to provide a safe, supporting living environment for pregnant women who are homeless, waiting for admission into a treatment program,transitioning from treatment into long-term housing, or need respite care. Legacy house provides continued case management to coordinate medical service, treatment needs, basic needs and support. It also provides peer support for transportation to support meeting such as AA and NA, shopping, and appointments for benefits. Nutritional meals based on medical conditions and personal/cultural preferences are offered and there is live in staff for continued support and monitoring. Legacy House also maintains all of the women's emergency information, including special instructions from the woman's OBGYN and the assigned hospital.

For more information about the Healthy Connections program:

NCADD Phoenix
4201 North 16th Street, Suite 140
Phoenix, AZ 85016
(602) 264-6214



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