SPOTLIGHT: Tarrytown, NY Affiliate’s Adolescent Impaired Driving Prevention Program

SPOTLIGHT: Tarrytown, NY Affiliate’s Adolescent Impaired Driving Prevention Program

Student Assistance Services Corp, an NCADD Affiliate located in Tarrytown NY, and servicing all of Westchester County, implements the ROADD (Reduce Our Adolescent Drinking/Drugging and Driving) Program.

ROADD is an educational program aimed at preventing alcohol and other drug impaired driving among high school students. It is funded by the Westchester County Office of Drug Prevention and STOP-DWI, which in turn receives monies from the fines paid by convicted drunk drivers. The ROADD Program is free to participating public, private, and parochial schools in Westchester County. It is provided for two years at a school and then is offered to other schools on a rotating basis.

Students receive six class sessions conducted by a ROADD Health Educator. The classes consist primarily of sophomores and juniors, and are usually delivered through the school's health class, or another appropriate subject.

Class sessions are designed to be student centered and skills based, incorporating techniques such as behavioral rehearsal and cooperative learning. The goals of the ROADD Program include:

• Providing accurate information and correcting erroneous beliefs regarding alcohol, other drugs, and their effects on driving.
• Teaching students the skills to set goals, make decisions, refuse situational pressures around drinking, drugging and driving, and find where to go for help.
• Encouraging students to become involved with related issues on a community level.

Following the class sessions, ROADD Health Educators meet with approximately 20% of the students in individual student meetings to review the material, answer any questions, and make referrals for additional services when necessary. Students identified as possibly having a substance use disorder or a parent with a substance use disorder are referred to the Student Assistance Counselor, Project SUCCESS Counselor, or other appropriate person in their school. ROADD Health Educators have a masters degree in social work, counseling, or a similar educational credential.

The ROADD program is evaluated through a pretest/posttest design. The evaluation indicates that the program is effective in increasing knowledge and changing attitudes and behavioral intention. Statistically significant highlights include:

  • Students increased their knowledge of blood alcohol concentration and the laws about drinking and driving.
  • Students indicated that they were more likely to stop and think about their options when making decisions that impact their health and safety.
  • Student increased their understanding of the risk of harm in using alcohol and other drugs while driving.
  • Students reported that they would be less likely to drive after using marijuana.
  • Students reported that they would be less likely to accept a ride from a driver who had been drinking alcohol.

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SAS Corp
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