April 2017 is NCADD’s 31st Annual Alcohol Awareness Month

NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month, held every April, was founded by and has been sponsored by NCADD since 1987 to increase public awareness and understanding aimed at reducing the stigma that too often prevents individuals and families from seeking help.

This year’s theme is “Connecting the Dots: Opportunities for Recovery.”

During Alcohol Awareness Month, NCADD and NCADD’s National Network of Affiliates, as well as countless other organizations reach out in communities across the country to bring the American public information about alcohol and alcoholism as a chronic, progressive disease, fatal if untreated, and genetically predisposed.

The disease of alcoholism is a family disease that is treatable, not a moral weakness, from which people can and do recover. Millions of individuals and family members are living lives in long-term recovery from alcoholism!

To support efforts in increasing public awareness, NCADD has uploaded the following items at Alcohol Awareness Month including:

  1. 2017 Organizer’s Guide
  2. Poster
  3. Logo (Note: Please use the logo and if used on your website or any electronic materials, please add the following link to the NCADD website: https://www.ncadd.org/aam)

Thank you for participating in NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month 2017 and bringing Help, Hope and Healing to the millions of individuals, families and children affected by alcoholism.