19292116-High School 1In conjunction with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence's (NCADD's) Alcohol Awareness Month sponsorship in April, the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions has released a two-page Expert Summary on the risks of underage drinking.

RIA Reaching Others: The Facts on Teen Drinking serves as a resource for parents, featuring information on why young people drink, what the consequences are, and how parents can help.

It cites youths' misperception about alcohol use as a major factor to combat, stating, "Young people generally believe that more people their age are drinking alcohol than is actually happening."

The 14th installment in the institute's Expert Summary series cites encouraging data about declining youth alcohol use nationally, but adds that half of teens have at least tried alcohol by age 15 and that binge drinking makes up a high percentage of overall teen drinking.

It offers advice to parents, including the importance of being a good role model for children. "If parents drink alcohol responsibly, they are showing their children that alcohol use need not be dangerous," the summary states.

Sources: Addiction professional magazine, University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions