Is There a Link Between Marijuana Use and Schizophrenia?

Is There a Link Between Marijuana Use and Schizophrenia?

According to Medical News Today, a recent research suggests that not only are people who are prone to schizophrenia more likely to try cannabis, but that cannabis may also increase the risk of developing symptoms.

Studies show that cannabis use is more common among people with psychosis than in the general population, and that it may also increase the risk of psychotic symptoms.

A new study, published in Psychological Medicine, has added to the body of evidence pointing to a link between schizophrenia and the use of cannabis.

Its use has been linked to symptoms of psychosis, such as paranoia and delusional thinking, in up to 40 percent of users.

Earlier this year, scientists warned that young people who use cannabis could be putting themselves at risk of psychotic disorders. People with schizophrenia appear to have a higher chance of experiencing psychosis if they use cannabis.


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