NCADD Applauds Return of Bill W. and Dr. Bob to Off Broadway

Bill W. & Dr. Bob"Bill W. and Dr. Bob" is a theatrical production currently playing at New York City's SoHo Playhouse.

The play provides a chronological look at the relationship of Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), with a focus on their first meeting. This powerful play looks at two flawed men and the organization they created to help others.

The story is that of Wilson, a stockbroker who connects with Dr. Bob Smith, a surgeon who has been in and out of sanitariums and actually performed surgery while drunk. Wilson's wife Anne and Bill's wife Lois struggle with and despair over their husbands drinking. But as Bill W. and Dr. Bob unfolds, the message becomes clear: Alcoholics can help each other recover.

"Bill W. and Dr. Bob" was last seen Off-Broadway in 2007.

Robert J. Lindsey, NCADD's President/CEO noted "The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) is excited to see "Bill W and Dr Bob" back in NYC for an extended run at the Soho Playhouse! Having attended opening night, I can tell you that the play is a powerful dramatization of the very beginnings of AA and celebrates the organization that has been responsible for saving millions of lives around the world!" The play also provides great insight into the family disease of alcoholism and a glimpse into what would later become, Al-Anon Family Groups. For anyone touched by the disease of alcoholism, "Bill W and Dr Bob" is a must see!"

The critics are raving about "Bill W. and Dr. Bob". Here is a quick sample of reviews.
The New York Times - "Sharp performances, Seth Gordon's solid direction and a purpose-driven script (that never forgets the humor of the human experience) make this a satisfying revival." Read full review here.

The Huffington Post -  "What's so moving about the production, pierced with dark humor and terrible suffering, is the understanding that individuals can alter their destiny. That makes "Bill W. and Dr. Bob" both inspiring and remarkable. The performances are raw and all too real. Seth Gordon has directed a gripping human story, aided by excellent actors—Lois Wilson and Anne Smith are shown as instrumental in founding Al-Anon. Playwrights Sam Shem and Janet Surrey reveal all the ugly realities of alcoholism and its devastation on families, but the play's thrust is to spread a message of hope, in a strong theatrical vehicle—a reminder that there is power in community."
Read full review here. - "Two hours of affecting theatre. This new production, directed with theatrical acuity and cinematic fluidity by Seth Gordon, has been lovingly mounted and is exceptionally well cast...Vividly credible portraits of the two men, and affecting portraits of their wives Lois and Anne, and a variety of other folks. Other dramas have depicted the consequences of addiction in more harrowing terms, from The Lost Weekend to Long Day's Journey Into Night and Come Back Little Sheba. But "Bill W. and Dr. Bob" succeeds in dramatizing the disease in very human terms. Furthermore, in showing us the friendship between these two unusual men and their mutual obsession to help themselves by listening to and helping others, it celebrates humanity's better impulses, perhaps its best impulse." Read full review

Net proceeds from the production go to Hazelden Foundation to support a college tour of "Bill W. and Dr. Bob" to address the epidemic of binge drinking on campuses, and to patient aid and educational resources for youth and young adults.

Friends of NCADD can take advantage of a special offer available during the month of August only.

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