Amanda and BobAt her recent crowning ceremony, Miss New York, Amanda Mason spoke of being "an advocate with a crown" and the importance of serving as NCADD's National Youth Spokesperson.

For 8 years, Amanda has dedicated a great deal of her time and attention to the development of her Middle School Movement prevention program, "Reaching Youth Before Drugs Do".

As Miss New York 2013, Amanda will expand her efforts to bring attention to these issues in cooperation with NCADD and our Network of NCADD Affiliates in New York State, led by our State Affiliate, the Council on Addictions of New York State (CANYS).

Over the past 6 years, Amanda has represented NCADD at numerous events in New York City as well as nationally, including two keynote appearances before the National Conference of Women Legislators (NCWL).

In addition to speaking, Amanda has volunteered at the NCADD office and entertained attendees at the NCADD Spring Luncheon, the Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, (LICADD) and NCADD Miss New York- Amanda Mason- Talks to Press at Crowning Ceremony- 2- Nov 15 2013Miss New York- Amanda Mason- Talks to Press at Crowning CeremonyWestchester Marty Mann Dinner in White Plains, NY.

As part of her own personal investment to learn more about alcoholism, addiction and recovery Amanda enrolled in the NCADD Westchester, Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) Training Program (over 300 hours of training).

Amanda is an incredibly talented singer and has done all of this while attending the Manhattan School of Music where she has continuously developed her opera singing – she has an amazing voice! Currently Amanda is enrolled in the Masters Program in Classical Voice at the Manhattan School of Music and has training in theater, dance and film. Amanda has also recorded an original song titled, "One Day At A Time" with proceeds being donated to support NCADD.

Amanda Mason- Miss New York 2013 - Opera Singer - AdvocateAmanda Mason- Miss New York 2013 - Opera Singer - AdvocateIn Amanda's Middle School Movement prevention program presentations, Amanda shares her journey to fulfilling her DREAM to become an Opera Singer by staying away from the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Her goal is to educate and inspire middle school students and teens through DREAM:

D- Determination to create and focus on a goal.

R- Respect yourself and others.

E- Evaluate situations that could be harmful to you and make positive choices to stay safe.

A- Accountability for your actions and be brave enough to own up to it.

M- Motivation to stay focused, be inspired and think positively.

On her website, Amanda has posted the following message...... "As the Youth Spokesman for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), Amanda is helping to fight the Nations #1 health problem, alcoholism and drug addiction. Invite Amanda to your school, club or organization to share her journey to achieve her dream while staying on the right path and away from drugs and alcohol. She encourages everyone to visit the NCADD website at:"

Click here to read on how to be part of Miss New York's state school tour as she teaches students how to "DREAM" their way to success.