New Study Sheds Light on Perceptions of E-Cigs

New Study Sheds Light on Perceptions of E-Cigs

Daily users of e-cigarettes see them as about as satisfying or even more satisfying, and less harmful, than cigarettes, according to the results of a small study from the University at Buffalo.

The study of 105 U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers and their partners found that those study participants who vape daily reported e-cigarettes as "at least as satisfying" as cigarettes, and that 58 percent said vaping was "much more" satisfying.

According to ScienceDaily, researchers also reported that the perception of danger from e-cigarettes decreased as frequency of use increased. The paper was published online first in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports.

In their paper, the researchers note that the findings regarding e-cigarette satisfaction are important because of policies that have been implemented based on the belief that e-cigarettes are fundamentally lacking in satisfaction compared to cigarettes.

The concern that vaping acts as a "gateway" to cigarettes is more credible if vaping is less satisfying than smoking. For vaping products that are much more satisfying than cigarettes and also perceived as less dangerous than cigarettes, it is less likely that users would want to switch to cigarettes in the future, the researchers point out.

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