States Report Resurgence of Meth in Rural Areas


Officials in a number of states are reporting a resurgence of meth, particularly in rural areas, NBC News reports.

Ohio, Texas, Montana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Iowa and South Dakota have seen an increase in meth use. Law enforcement officials and health workers say meth doesn’t get as much attention as opioids, because it kills slowly and at lower rates.

“All of a sudden, it’s everywhere again,” Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel said. He commissioned a study of meth use in Wisconsin, and found the drug’s use increased by at least 250 percent since 2011. “We are entering another full-blown epidemic with meth,” he said.

After a U.S. law went into effect in 2006 that placed tight controls on over-the-counter cold medicines used to cook meth, drug production moved to Mexico. Meth is more potent and cheaper than before, researchers say.

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