88636408 - girl cheeringUrban Outfitters Stops Sales of Youth Targeted Alcohol Products Based on Prescription Drug Themes

NCADD, and our National Network of Affiliates, along with many other organizations across the country, including 22 State Attorney Generals, protested the production and sale of alcohol paraphernalia products based on prescription-themes by Urban Outfitters stores.

As a direct result of your advocacy, Urban Outfitters has since decided to discontinue these products.

The prescription-themed series included a variety of products including a coffee mug with a prescription label from Dr. Harold Feelgood- "Drink one by mouth, repeat until awake and alert", as well as shot glasses and syringe shot-shooters.

The product series included The Boozeman Flask, which encouraged customers to "fill that liquid poison prescription," with a prescription from Dr. Koholic, AL and a koozie designed to hold a can of beer resembled a prescription medicine bottle, with the following label:
Drug Name: Beer.
Quantity: As much as you can stomach.
Instructions: Take one can by mouth. Repeat until intoxicated.
Refills: Sure!

Click here to see a sample of Urban Outfitters' alcohol paraphernalia products.

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