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The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) Phoenix is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Outpatient substance abuse treatment agency. NCADD offers the community a complete realm of services. Established in 1960, the agency continues to grow to meet the needs of the community.

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Our mission is ” to enhance the quality of life of our clients and community by reducing alcohol and other drug-related problems through education, advocacy, and service programs.”
The well-trained, multidisciplinary NCADD staff pledges to carry this out by recognizing that the field of addiction research is ever changing. Our policy is to keep our activities up-to-date with current research and best practices.
NCADD actively recruits bilingual staff, utilizing incentives to attract quality staff that are representative of the client served.


NCADD Phoenix

NCADD Phoenix


Women’ Outpatient Program

NCADD is a long term program that recognizes the many barriers faced by women. NCADD provides treatment, case management, peer support, and vocational/employment services for adult women substance abusers who fall into one or more of the following categories; homeless, have a mental health issue,, pregnant or single mother with children, unemployed or lack adequate financial resources to meet their needs. The wrap around services increase the chances for the women to maintain abstinence from drugs/alcohol, improve the quality of life for themselves and their children, become financially stable to meet their needs and give birth to drug/alcohol free babies. Addressing the many needs of the addicted woman decreases the risk of them returning to old ways of coping with life, inadequately supporting themselves and their children and living in dangerous unhealthy environments. NCADD has continued during the last 8 years to increase services decrease barriers and improve outcomes. Emphases are being put on housing, primarily emergency housing that will provide our homeless women a safe environment to reside until a longer term community resource is available. NCADD is committed to continue to address the needs of the women we serve and to be actively involved in assessing gaps in services.

Weldon House

Weldon House is an innovative program that provides women and their children with their own fully furnished apartment to give them the life skills necessary to become self-sufficient and independent as well as to develop their family. Weldon House is staffed with counselors, career counselors, case managers, a life coach, and a parenting specialist to assist the women in developing these skills. In addition, Weldon House helps to provide peer support, job training, education, day care, transportation, eye exams and glasses, clothing, medications, and psychiatric evaluations. During a woman’s stay she also participates in NCADD’s Out Patient Program which consists of group, individual, and family counseling.
Weldon house was created to help women who faced barriers in leaving abusive relationships, sustaining recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, obtaining adequate housing, and finding jobs that provided a livable wage.

Healthy Connections for Moms to Be

The NCADD Healthy Connections for Moms-to-Be (Healthy Connections) Case Management Program provides pregnant women experiencing substance abuse and co-occurring disorders access to a comprehensive continuum of services designed to promote recovery. This program fully integrates women into society as healthy, substance-free individuals who are able to care for their children. Our continuum of services provides engagement and support to assist women in maintaining long-term sobriety while managing parenthood and life in the community.

Legacy House

Legacy House is an emergency housing program for pregnant women experiencing substance abuse that seeks to provide a safe, supporting living environment for pregnant women who are: homeless, waiting for admission into a treatment program, waiting for admission into treatment program, transitioning from treatment into long-term housing, or need respite care

Sally’s Place

Sally’s Place is a supportive housing program for pregnant women with substance abuse and are seriously mentally ill. The program provides the support and environment for women to be given the opportunity to parent their newborn. The women participate in the Outpatient program and have access for all services available. The goal is to integrate the woman and her child into the community with safe housing, support and continued resources.

H.E.R House

Health, Empowerment, Recovery H.E.R. House is supportive housing environment for women who would otherwise be ineligible for other programs due to being childless. The women at H.E.R house receive case management, vocational planning assistance, and treatment in NCADD’s outpatient program. The house itself is a 2 bedroom triplex with space for three women to an apartment. NCADD provides 24 hour peer support.


Sustain - Vocational/ Educational Service

NCADD offers a variety of Vocational/ Educational Services that are facilitated on both an individual and group basis to better meet those needs identified in the assessment and service planning process.

GED or Pre-GED Group

Assists clients with basic Math and English skills. Clients will either be assessed and referred for further cognitive training via Rehabilitation Services Agency (RSA)/Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) or referred to outside agency (Literacy Volunteers/Rio Salado College) for formal GED training and test preparation.

Career Exploration

Clients will meet individually with Vocational Counselor to explore current transferable skills and career goals. A vocational plan will be set with client for further exploration including plans to obtain necessary education/training needed to obtain employment. Vocational Counselor will review current labor market trends with client.

Educational Support

Vocational Counselor will assist client as needed in arranging tours of local educational institutions, applying for programs and financial aid, and provide ongoing support and tutoring until completion of the desired program. Clients will be referred to RSA/VR as appropriate.

Job Readiness Group

Vocational Counselor will assist client in preparing for the world of work. Group topics will include resume writing, “dress for success”, and mock interviewing. Clients will also learn about attending job fairs and available community forums that offer employment assistance. Clients will discuss how their legal history and/or disability (Americans with Disabilities Act) might impact their career goals andhow to address this with employers. Clients will be referred to RSA/VR as appropriate.

Vocational Rehabilitation Referral

Vocational Counselor will inform clients who either have a documented disability or are currently receiving SSI/SSD regarding RSA/VR. If client is interested in opening a VR case, the NCADD Vocational Counselor will facilitate an orientation.

Job Development

Clients will meet with Vocational Counselor on an individual basis to solidify career goals. Vocational Counselor will assist with final draft of resumes, sending out of resumes via fax/mail, and completing applications. Client and Counselor will jointly seek potential employment opportunities. Vocational Counselor will offer continued guidance and support throughout the job search process.

Supported Employment Vocational Counselor will meet with client individually as needed or desired to aid in maintaining employment. Counselor will educate client on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and employee rights. Counselor will offer ongoing counseling to decrease anxieties, conflict with employers, appropriate workplace behavior and increase work frustration tolerance.


Facing Addiction and The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) are proud to announce the merger of our organizations – creating a national leader in turning the tide on the addiction epidemic.
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