Beyond My Wildest Dreams

At some point during childhood, it's safe to say all of us have dreams ... career dreams, dreams of what the future will be like, dreams of something better. Knowing what I know now, I never imagined living my dreams would involve me as an alcoholic becoming sober at age 19. Like many of us, I started using because it was fun and exhilarating; now I know I was trying to escape the reality of an abusive home, a sex-addicted father, and an alcoholic mother. My using took me to what I sought to escape: abusive relationships, flunking college, physical illness, destroyed relationships, sexual assault ... you name it, it was there. By the grace of God, I found AA just weeks prior to my 20th birthday. Each day, I desperately kept coming back. Today, at 4.5 years sober, I have just graduated college, am applying to Physician Assistant school, am engaged to a sober man, and have the most incredible relationships. I have a life beyond anything I could ever have possibly imagined. Recovery is possible.

Los Angeles, CA

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