My Sister, an Alcoholic

My younger sister and I are two years apart, and were very close growing up.  After high school I moved, and we lived on opposite coasts but talked all the time and saw each other on holidays with the family.  Then suddenly she stopped calling.

I would call and leave messages, and rarely get a call back.  I knew she drank and smoked weed, but at the time had no idea she had started messing with dope.

I called her job, only to find out she'd been fired months ago.  My parents went to her apartment to find her gone, unopened mail filling the mailbox.  Now we were really scared.  We all felt so powerless.  When the money ran out my sister showed up at my parent’s house and was sent to rehab.  But when she got out, she started to use again.  Like before, she disappeared. I felt worried, sick, confused, angry.  I couldn’t concentrate at work.  One day I yelled at my girlfriend for no reason.  It was then that I knew I needed some help.

I got into a recovery program and met other people who understood what I was going through, the feelings I was having.  My parents and I now realize that it’s not our fault.  My sister will find her way into recovery in her own time, not mine.

- Chris


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