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From Park Ave to Park Bench to Serenity

In ten years, by my mid-40's, I went from having a successful law practice in New York, to living on the streets in West Florida. All as a direct result of addiction.

I was in and out of recovery. Clinically, I was referred to as a "chronic relapser." I always believed in a "higher power" which to me was God. Yet, until I surrendered to Him, my efforts were, at best, half-measures. They availed me nothing as The Big Book of AA states.

I wanted serenity more than anything. The natural high from it could never be achieved with alcohol and/or drugs. I have that now, and the peace I feel is beautiful.

My path was with a Church of my beliefs and support groups they offered. I try to put God first in every decision and action. If I'm irritable, restless and/or discontent, I seek God. Though I no longer attend AA, it was an awesome start to a wonderful spiritual life.

I wish you all well in your recovery efforts.

Daytona Beach, FL

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