Recovering in Your Early 20's

My name is Julianne and I am a recovering alcoholic addict.  Growing up I always felt like I was less than and uncomfortable in my own skin.  Alcoholism runs deep within my family, so growing up I was terrified of drinking and drugs.  However, something changed when I was in college when I took my first drink.  Overnight I became a daily blackout drinker.  One day, I took a pill to study and within three weeks I was a full-blown prescription drug addict.  Four years later, at 23, I had run my career to the ground and lost everything good in my life.  I was a shallow, empty shell and hated myself.  Something had to change but I couldn't go more than four hours without a drink before getting sick.  Wanting my life back, I checked myself into treatment.  I was scared that getting sober meant I was kissing my 20's and fun good bye.  I was wrong.  Through a 12-step program I found myself again and got my life back.  Today my life is filled with more fun, laughter and meaning than before.  Recovery is possible. 

Recovery Date:  March 14, 2015
St. Peterburg, Florida
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