The “High Bottom” Drunk Who Mostly Drank Alone

I was a “high bottom” drunk and did most of my drinking alone. Most people I knew had no idea that I even had a problem. But, I had a problem, for sure. For years, I used to go home and get drunk alone in my apartment. There were some events that were bottoms, in retrospect. I got drunk at dinner with friends and acquaintances. It was embarrassing for them. They had never seen me like that. I knew they were embarrassed for me, and it caused me shame.

When I told some people close to me, they told I was mistaken, that I could not be an alcoholic. But yes, even if you get drunk on two to three glasses of wine, you can still be a drunk. (If you drink like that, by yourself, with the sole purpose of knocking yourself out, every night, for 10 years straight… you’re an alcoholic.)

With God’s help, I have stayed sober. In gratitude, I wrote the book "For I Will Be With You" which connects Bible study with 12 step recovery.

Boruch Binyamin

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